My mom was going through old photographs yesterday and she posted a couple on Facebook. I haven’t seen these since I was a kid.

I’ve talked about how I got the spelling of my name (Merry) numerous times. Now I can show you guys the pictures of the people that I’m named after. I never got to meet them myself because both of them sadly passed away before I was born.


My Grandfather and my Aunt Merrie.


I did get to meet my grandfather but he passed away when I was perhaps 4 or so. My most vivid memory of him is his peanut machine. He would give me pennies so I could put them in and then turn the thingy.


My Grandma Mary, my mom and two of my uncles.


My grandma was this wee little Itailan woman. I wish that I could have known her.

Thank you for reading and looking at my family. Have a great day!