Life is much too short not to speak your truth, even if people don’t want to listen.

Knocking yourself out with a frying pan is not a good way to get a break from life for a little while.

Watch your tequila consumption at all times.


A few good friends that really know who you are as a person is preferable than an army of friends who do not.

A flaming bag of dog shit is not a nice way to welcome the new neighbors.

Sharing too much of yourself with the wrong person can lead to a giant L on your forehead.

A full nights sleep is something some of us only dream of.

Jim Morrison was correct when he said that people were strange. Perhaps he shopped at Walmart on a Saturday night.


Often the wrong thing feels too good not to entertain, which proves the theory that being human is a royal bitch and not always fair. Wah.

Stubbing your toe is as close to the pain of childbirth as you can get.

Getting your arm chopped off comes in as a close second.

Why yes, Tom Petty, waiting is the hardest part. How very astute of you.

Pain is a part of life. Too much pain is what grinds us down like coffee beans.

But enough ground up coffee beans makes one hell of a strong brew.