Have you ever thought that you were born in the wrong time era?

Since the first time I heard a song from the sixties, it felt like home to me. I know, I know, that sounds absolutely crazy. But for me, it’s true. It’s like that music is woven into the fabric of who I am.


I was born in 1974. I grew up listening to whatever it was that my mother liked, which varied from my grandmother’s music (Teresa Brewer) and what she liked (Petula Clark.) I had a vast array of records and 45’s to listen to on my little blue record player. That’s how I discovered my love for the oldies, etched into me by my wonderful mom.

When I turned about 8, I decided due to peer pressure that I better start getting better acquainted with the music from my time. The 80’s.

And I had crushes on Bon Jovi, a fascination with Mötley Crüe that my mother didn’t approve of and was really curious as to what a virgin was.

I even liked some of the 70’s music, like Bread.

And I listened to the 90’s and liked some of that music, especially Nirvana. I was in love with Kurt Cobain and when he died, my heart ripped out of my chest.

When I started becoming a mega Beatles fan at the age of 34, that was when I truly realized that the music from the 60’s really resonated with me. When I listened to them, I was transported to a time that was so familiar, yet just out of my reach of truly touching.

I should have been born 20-25 years before 1974.

Maybe I was a hippie? I am rather fond of marijuana.