I bought a really cheap lighter the other day out of a small bin, 8 for a $1. It’s really difficult to flick. So now my thumb is sore and starting to form a callous. I should have just paid the extra money and gotten myself a BIC®.

Say it with me. BIC’s® are easy to flick.

It got me to thinking about how after so many flicks, our hearts (metaphorically speaking) start to callous as well.

My heart has been flicked numerous times during my 42 years on this crazy fucking planet.


Stop that, you asshat!

Unfortunately, I can’t go back to the store and just buy a new one like I can with a lighter. I’m stuck with it.

No matter how sore and calloused it gets, for better or for worse, I get to keep it until the day comes when it stops being able to get flicked forever.

I just hope that it doesn’t become too hardened and calloused that it won’t feel anything anymore.