For close to 4 years, my internet sibling ES and I have argued (good naturedly) about the proper name of carbonated beverages.

I insist it is pop. He says that it’s soda.


Here is a recent debate we had after I called him out on my video yesterday, plus we also discuss the voices we give each other in our heads.


You don’t sound like the voice my head gives you when I read your comments/posts…. but nobody ever does (Nor does hearing the real voice alter what I hear in my head). At least I know it’s really you from all of the rude fucking sailor talk….

(sipping on my soda)

Thanks for the shoutout!


What did I sound like in your head?
Yes, all the rude fucking sailor talk, certified Mer.
Bitch, I said it’s pop!
You’re welcome, dude.


It’s hard to explain. I have voices in my head for all of my characters to (You know, in case there was ever an ES animated series or something), and I couldn’t explain what they sound like either…

I always imagine people read my stuff in the voice of Super Creepy Rob Lowe…


You sound like Bullwinkle in my head…


Watch me pull a possum out of my hat, Rocky!



What do you call it? Pop, soda or something else?