I ended up having to go to the hospital with my toe yesterday morning. The pain had kept me up most of the night, throbbing like a heartbeat. It was all swollen, turning purple and looked really disgusting. It wasn’t getting better at all, so I knew that I needed to get it taken care of.

(Get your head out of the gutter.)

My husband started his Christmas vacation yesterday but he was willing to go with me. ( I would have been pretty steamed if he hadn’t.)

The staff at our particular hospital are always wonderful. They put me through what they call Rapid Assessment, for non-life threatening health issues. We were in and out of there within 90 minutes.

Fuck yeah, it’s only herpes!

I got a 10-day course of antibiotics and surprisingly, 10 Tramadol tablets for the pain, even though I told them that I get hydrocodone from my doctor. I don’t mind Tramadol at all, they’re pretty much the same thing as hydrocodone (Vicodin.)

Total bonus. This son of a bitch really hurts, with the presence of pus being a great indication.

The doctor told me to leave it clean and dry. No more peroxide, because it can actually make it worse. I was shocked. For all of these fucking years, I have been living a lie.

Hydrogen peroxide doesn’t cure ouchies.

They also gave me a toe-less shoe to wear. I took this picture in the small exam room to send to my friend Alice. I was keeping her updated on my progress.

Trust me, you don’t want to see the toe.

We left, completely in awe that it didn’t take all day. We stopped at the drugstore to get my prescriptions filled, which took about a half hour. By the time that we got home, I was worn out. I was happy to lay on the couch with my new heating blanket, remembering to keep my toe elevated.

I love that feeling you get when you do something totally adult, like taking care of unpleasant business, without too much fear or anxiety.

I’ll be headed to Mecca later to finish Christmas shopping. The plan is to have a couple of glasses of wine, wrap gifts and watch TV with my husband.

Then back to cuddle on the couch with my pup, Maya.

We’re both digging the heating blanket.

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?