A few months ago, I had to end a friendship quickly before I lost my fucking mind.

I had befriended a woman on Craigslist (something I will never do again) because I was trying to meet new people who lived close to me. She seemed okay at first, but then she slowly became toxic.

She texted me from morning til night.

We didn’t click, but I figured that maybe I could help her. She was in a bad place in her life and the “fixer” part of my personality came out.

It was always about her, complaining about her alcoholic boyfriend and everything else under the sun. I soon realized that I wasn’t anything more to her than a bitching post.

I had tried the nice way by explaining that I wasn’t the sort of person who needed constant interaction in a friendship. I needed my space, I explained.

She didn’t agree at all and kept up the behavior, plus she started being oddly paranoid if I didn’t answer her texts right away, thinking that I hated her.

I felt that I had no other choice. I did something the kiddies call “ghosting.”

Back in my day it was called being dumped.

I did feel awful for doing it, but most of you were on my side with the decision. If interacting with someone makes you feel worse instead of better, then I had all the right in the world to end the friendship.

Always trust a cat in a teacup.

I’m basically a human sponge, so I soak up what other peeps are throwing down. She was literally sucking me dry of my good energy and filling me up with her bad.

I was going through my email boxes this morning when I found the original thread from Craigslist before we exchanged phone numbers. It was sent on Oct. 3rd from her phone.

You are such a cruel person.

When I was younger, having someone say that would have bewildered and hurt me.

But, she’s right, actually. Sometimes, I am a cruel person. Contrary to popular belief, I am not sugary sweet like a stick of pale blue cotton candy.

It’s not my favorite part of myself. I much prefer the kind me, not the asshole me who hides in the inner chambers of my think thingy.

There’s a possibility that you are also a cruel person on occasion.

Find me one person who hasn’t been cruel at least once and I’ll give you a batch of semi-edible chocolate chip cookies.

Never mind. I wouldn’t be that cruel.