I haven’t had any nightmares for at least the last month or so. Maybe the work I am doing in therapy is helping.

Now watch, when I go to take a nap later on today, I’ll have a day-mare about my ex trying to whack me.

If you know what movie this is from, I’ll give you a dozen dry-ass cupcakes.

I have monsters in my head that need whacked the fuck out.

I’ve been seeing my therapist now for 10 months or so. There really isn’t anything that I’m afraid to tell her. I am an open book with her for some reason, no secrets. I talk so much that sometimes she has to hush me so she can get a word in.

She doesn’t judge me. She barely even flinches.

In such a short amount of time, she has already helped me more than all of my other therapists combined. I love her as a person, she is strong and wise. She has great advice on how to handle situations the proper way, that also gives me some peace of mind.

She kicks ass at her job, even though she has her own health problems to face and battle.

I’m thankful to have found her (through BFF Cheryl) because I really needed help mending from my suicide attempt and that dreadful depression (no, more like horror-show) that I had.

She makes me face my life and deal with issues head-on. She also understands that some things take more time than others to accomplish.

She’s helped give me some of my power back, if that makes any sense.

‘Cause I kind of lost it for a while there.