It was freezing outside, so they both hurried to get into the car. He blasted the heater, the two of them huddling close to get warm, teeth chattering through their laughter. It didn’t take long before the interior of the car warmed enough for them to relax and start talking again.

He brushed the windblown hair out of her eyes. She shivered slightly at his gentle touch.

Their eyes locked and he hesitantly leaned in to kiss her.

Almost instantly, they were a passionate tangle of lips, tongues, hands, clothed skin, hot breath and heavy breathing.

“Do you want me?” she asked against his mouth.

“Constantly,” he murmured back against hers.

They were like two live wires shooting sparks, no longer satisfied with the tiny confines that they found themselves finally alone together in. The gear shift and console became their enemies.

They were meant to catch fire together, illuminating the frigid night air with their heated intensity.