I start to lose my voice around this time every year. It’s not a complete loss, it’s more like a raspy thing. I’m always clearing my throat and nobody can hear what I’m saying. (I’m pretty quiet for the most part, anyways.)

I think it’s a combination of my stupid smoking and the dry furnace heat. My brother is supposed to hook me up with a vaping contraption, which will save me money and possibly be healthier for me.

My brother is the one subtly flipping me off.
I didn’t even notice until he pointed it out to me after I posted it on Facebook, so that shows you just how observant I am.

I guess you put some kind of liquid inside of the vaping thingy. You can get different flavors, like Captain Crunch or Fruity Pebbles. (I’ve tried his before.)

There is still nicotine coming out with the vapor, so it isn’t exactly like quitting. It never seems to be the right time to try to quit again. Each time that I’ve given it a whirl (2014 was my most recent attempt), I always say fuck it and go back to the sweet comfort of my Pall Mall lights.

100’s. The blue pack.

25 years….holy shit, that’s a lot of cigarettes and money spent on a damn dirty habit.

So, I’m going to try to get used to sucking on plastic to get my fix instead. 

Happy New Year, by the way. I’m so rude.