My short-term memory is complete crap.


I don’t know if it’s the cognitive issues that come with having fibro, all of the drug residue in my brain, my age or a combination of all three factors. I would guess that it’s all three causing information to slide. It’s like my brain is a slippery silk sheet.

My husband asked me to bring him a glass of water since I was in the kitchen.

I forgot.

I was supposed to pick up dish soap while I was at the store.

Nope, I forgot.

I was supposed to pay the electric bill.

It’s so dark in here and I can’t see.

I’m joking about that, I paid the electric bill. I have email reminders for all of my utility bills, thankfully.

I write things on my post-it notes constantly, then a week later forget why I wrote it. 

What the hell does make sure to put the toilet seat down next time mean?

Surely I should already know this tidbit of knowledge. I mean, if you’ve ever fell into a commode, the experience sort of sticks with you.

How’s your short-term memory?

Will you remember that you read this post?

Where the hell am I?