I popped a couple of pain pills and went with my husband to the grocery store. It’s a generic foodstuff wonderland called Aldi. Maybe you have one like it in your neck of the woods. It’s where the money savvy (poor) people shop. Plus, it’s a small store and easier for me to walk through. You have to pack your own bags, but my husband and I have it down to an art.

The place was busy as hell for a Tuesday mid-afternoon. This rattles my husbands nerves, but I can usually keep my cool.

We had all of our food on the conveyer belt.

An older man came up behind us, holding one bag of chips.

“Go ahead of us,” I said, moving aside.

“Are you sure?” he asked.


He thanked me.

Then a lady showed up holding perhaps 5 items in an empty box.

“Come on, you too!” I said to her, waving my arm towards the queue.

“Really? Thank you!”

My husband gave me a look that said, have you lost your fucking mind?

“It’s good karma, honey,” I told him, swatting him gently on the ass.

He laughed. “Yeah, I know.”

Good deeds, done dirt cheap.