“I had a dream that you started smoking again,” my daughter told me last night. “I was really mad and yelled at you.”

“I have no interest in starting up smoking again,” I reassured her.

I’m sorry sweetie, but this is a special cake and only for mommies.

My daughter turned 20 last week. There was no way for me to stop it from happening. You know, the passage of time and whatnot.

I can still remember waiting for her to finally weigh 8 lbs. Those two weeks felt like forever. She was only 5 lbs when she was born prematurely by four and a half weeks. She was so tiny that you could hold her with one hand.

She’s been wanting me to quit smoking since she was little. I know that my decision has made her happy and I’m glad. It’s like my little birthday gift to her.

Does that look more like waffles to you than a cake?

Not like it really matters, because I’m not sharing. (Unless you ask nicely.)