I’m never really sure how to react to a negative comment. I mean, should I shake my head, trash it and move on? Or should I flip on my bitch switch and tell them to kindly stick a broom handle up their ignorant caboose?

Or maybe write a post about it?

Let me make one thing clear…I dislike mean-spirited idiots. Intensely.

Whenever any of us write something and hit publish, we’re taking the chance of having some shithead read it and leaving a pissy comment. Thankfully, at least for me, it only happens occasionally. But when it does, it really gets under my skin.

I know that the current word used for people who enjoy raining on people’s internet parades are called trolls, but all I can picture in my head is an actual Troll doll.

Genital free since 1959.

This “troll” informed me that you’re never really “free” if you have kids.

In one paragraph, she tried (unsuccessfully) to make my heartfelt post about leaving an abusive relationship 15 years ago seem unimportant. I guess she never heard the saying, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

(Hey troll, if you’re reading this, you totally missed the point of my fucking post.)

I disagree with you. I have never felt tied down by my child. What I did was save myself and her from living with a piece of shit.

You see, I freed us both. I’m really sorry if you honestly think that having children makes you a prisoner, but taking a whiz on my post wasn’t cool.

My daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

By the way, it felt fucking great trashing your comment.