I’ve seen many Beatles tribute and cover bands over the years, but the one that I saw last night blew me away. It was amazing. The show is called Let It Be: A Celebration of the Music of The Beatles. They started out by recreating Ed Sullivan, Shea Stadium, Sgt. Pepper and then Abbey Road, complete with costume and set changes. Two large monitors that looked like old TV’s kept us entertained with retro commercials while the band was busy doing their multiple metamorphosis’ behind the curtain.


There was a 20 minute intermission and then they came back, putting on a fab reunion concert that sadly never really happened, including some of the Beatles solo hits, like Watching the Wheels, It Don’t Come Easy, Band on the Run and What is Life?

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures or video of the performance.

The only bad thing about the entire evening was the ever annoying pain in my hip and thigh, especially my left one. It doesn’t take me more than 15 steps before I start limping. My friend Cheryl and I both have a hard time walking long distances. We had to stop to rest so many times that I lost count. There are also no elevators inside the 1920’s era State Theater in downtown Cleveland, so a large number of stairs were involved, which sucked verily.

By the time that we got to our seats, my legs were shaking. I’m so thankful that I didn’t fall on my wobbly ass. Getting back to the car was also a challenge, but we both made it.

I guess that maybe I need to start using a cane or something. Boo.

Today, I am tired, sore and taking it especially easy on myself.

There are some things that are worth the pain and my recoup time. Anything Beatles related falls under that category for me.

Very simply, because they make me happy.