I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years coming up this October. I’ve met some great people.

It’s really amazing to me that I have friends all over the world. I always find support within the blogging community and have only had a handful of bad experiences.

I found a best friend that I wouldn’t trade in for a Klondike bar.

But today’s post is all about the fine art of bantering. I was lucky to find someone within a couple of months of blogging with whom I could banter back and forth with, working off of each other’s twisted minds to make a hilarious comment thread that sometimes could be a post in and of itself.

It’s my longtime blog friend and internet bro Evil Squirrel aka ES.

I’d like to share our most recent bantering session from this morning, on one of my other blogs. The subject was a skinless wiener who gets eaten alive. (Confused? Read the story.)


Frank should have suppressed his attacker with a blast of his natural secretions, but I guess he didn’t have the balls to do that….

  • Merbear74 says:

    Frank kept all of his secretions inside, making for a really tasty red hot.

    • At least he had a condiment on…. or three condiments, I guess…

    • Merbear74 says:

      Which did jack shit to save his life. Remember kids, go bareback!

    • Always better than going brokeback…

    • Merbear74 says:

      Those poor horses…

    • At least they only had to watch…. unlike the sheep………

    • Merbear74 says:

      ES, you’re so baaaad…

    • Ewe talkin’ to me?

    • Merbear74 says:

      Yes, I don’t see any other preverted evil squirrels on this twisted fucking blog, do you?

    • No you don’t, because preverted evil squirrels don’t want to get their frankfurters eaten or their mutton porked…

    • Merbear74 says:

      Whatever you do, stay away from Ruby, she’s a crazy bitch with a frankfurter addiction!!

    • And everyone got mad at the kid who didn’t want to be an Oscar Meyer wiener. The rest of his friends probably got eaten already…

    • Merbear74 says:

      He was one of the lucky ones…I myself would hate to be eaten alive.

    • I imagine that’d manage to ruin just about anyone’s day…. sipping cellulite through a straw….

    • Merbear74 says:

      But I have plenty of cellulite for everybody!

    • The bigger they are, the better they taste….

    • Merbear74 says:

      Now you’ve got me singing Sir Mix a Lot and his tribute to Bingo Ass….

    • Merbear74 says:

      We’ve come full circle, just like the old days!

    • Bareback, brokeback and now a circle jerk. Poor Frank is getting a workout…

    • Merbear74 says:

      His paycheck will go to his children, Little Smoky and Summer Sausage…

Or maybe we just think that we’re funny…

Do you have a banter partner on your blog?