Have you ever heard of a karmic relationship?

Karmic relationships are rarely a fully rewarding and peaceful experience, because they are meant to teach us, just like your first grade teacher taught you how to write in cursive and then shuffled you off to the second grade educator so you could learn fractions.

Karmic relationships often have an addictive quality to them. No matter how many times we take another hit, they never seem to work out the way that we would like. This is because we’re not meant to stay with our karmic partner for a long period of time.

You’ll often find yourself extremely compatible with this person, but there’s something off, no matter how you try to make it work out. The timing could be wrong or maybe you don’t both see things in the same way, which leads to continuous conflict.

Karmic relationships often feel intoxicating, which confuses us to the point where we don’t know what to sanely do about it, besides maybe banging your head against the wall repeatedly.

The entire point of a karmic relationship is to teach us whatever the lesson is that our soul needs to learn in this lifetime. The relationship is destined to end, but it usually leaves one or both parties feeling hurt and/or betrayed.

The worst thing that you can do if you think that you’re involved in a karmic relationship is to decide not to let it go.

We must be strong enough to let them move on when the time comes. Not an easy task.

You must be wondering how I know about all of this.

I’m in (or more honestly, in the process of leaving) a karmic relationship. In my case, it’s completely online and has never seen the light of actual reality.

What? Yeah, it’s another blogger. (Even blogging has its share of pitfalls.)

*The author of this blog would like to state for the record that she has never, not even once, ever said that she was an angel. More like a fallen angel, but at least she’s honest about it.)

I’ve built my wall rather high on purpose (screw you, Trump), but I’m only human.

I am not the kind of person who likes to be stuck in one place for too long. I end up talking about my issues with someone I trust (in this instance, my wonderful therapist) and going on my own research mission. I want to know what the fuck is going on with me so that I can do my best to figure it out, make it better somehow or fix it.

Well, you can’t fix a karmic relationship, which makes it the universe’s practical joke.

I spent most of my Saturday evening reading up on these types of relationships (plus soul mates and twin flames.) It’s all so intriguing. It helped me greatly to understand what I’ve recently been dealing with and has set me on the right path again.

Perhaps I’m not evil like I thought.

Have you ever had a karmic relationship, either online or in person?