One of my first blog friends (unfortunately he quit blogging a long time ago) that also has fibromyalgia shared this meme on Facebook yesterday. I snagged it.

Yep, all fucking true.

We always like each others fibro memes, it’s kind of like an unspoken promise. Even if nobody else gives a shit, at least we can count on each other to show some much-needed empathy.

Did you notice that I said he?

Although fibromyalgia is more commonly found in women, there are also men who have it. I don’t know the exact percentage, but it doesn’t really matter. Fibromyalgia struck a previously strong, ambitious, physically active man in his prime. It took poor Dave down as easily as a lion takes down a gazelle.

This disease does not discriminate. I’ve even heard of children being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. My symptoms didn’t come to the surface until after I gave birth to my daughter under extremely traumatic circumstances. It took about 15 years to become severe enough for me to have to quit working.

I made it chase me for as long as I could, because fuck you kindly fibro. (Plus, I’m stubborn.)

I’m not sure how it happened to my friend, because I honestly don’t remember his story anymore. I barely remember my birth month when the pharmacy asks, so not being able to recall Dave’s old posts from 4 years ago comes as no surprise.

Perhaps he just woke up one day, and noticed that he felt like a freshly hacked up hairball. Was it a slow onset like me, or did it whack him upside the head like a baseball bat?

Dude….start running NOW.

Dave and I, we both look so normal. You can’t tell that we’re sick by looking at our photos on Facebook. I see him now and then, when he posts a picture of himself. He’s usually smiling. He’ll occasionally make a funny quip that makes me giggle.

Like me, I think that he’s finally gotten to the point where he has accepted his fate.

They taught me at the kooky house when I was in the outpatient program way back in 2011, Radical Acceptance doesn’t mean that you like a situation, it only means that you admit its presence to yourself.

And the fact that it isn’t going to go away.

Now we’re both trying our best to make our lives worth living despite being invisibly ill with this mysterious, wretched disease that continues to baffle the medical community.

If you have someone in your life who has fibro or any kind of chronic illness, make sure to tell them that you care.

And for fuck’s sake, like their memes on Facebook.