“The beast is actually really hot. You know, for a beast,” I whispered to my friend Cheryl.

“Yes, right. For a beast,” she whispered back.

That intense look on his face is….well, never mind.


We were sitting in our comfy recliners, watching the new live action movie “Beauty and the Beast.” Alice recommended it highly and I did like the cartoon version from 1991. Although Cheryl and I don’t enjoy romantic movies all that much, we both decided to check it out.

I’m glad that we did and not only because the theater we went to this time is inside the mall and there’s a pretzel place at the bottom of the escalator. (Yep, I grabbed one. I never go to the mall anymore, so I really had no choice.)

It was a visual treat for the eyes and ears. It was just phenomenal and Emma Watson plays the part of Belle perfectly. I seriously felt like I was a kid again, being whisked away to a place where talking teacups make perfect sense and magic spells are totally possible.

Gaston is a total asshat, but he sort of has to be one, I suppose. That’s his job, to be a complete knob. I disliked him from the start.

As if, dude. Belle is never going to marry you!


I read that some people were in an uproar because they portrayed Gaston’s bestie Lefou as being gay, which is true.

But because this is 2017 and not the dark ages, I thought that it was a wonderful addition to the movie. I am all about diversity.

Plus he added some great comedic relief, which is important in fairy tales.


I would seriously watch this movie again, it was that delightful. I had a little girl sitting next to me. She was quiet, which I was surprised at, but I did see her clap her hands and laugh a few times when one of the animated household objects made a funny.

We all need to clap our hands with glee every once in a while, don’t you agree?

Have you seen the movie yet or do you plan to?

Do mall pretzels make you happy too?