If you’re on Facebook (I’ve tried to quit it a few times, but I always end up going back) then you know that you can, if you chose to do so, feature up to 5 photos on your page. I like to change them up now and then, because…well, I really have no idea why.

Because I can. Yes, that works.

That’s an awesome feeling, isn’t it? Doing something just because you can.

And I’m going to share them here for that very same reason. (Also, my brain reminds me of mashed potatoes today, so this is the best that I can come up with.)

This is a photo of my beloved mom and myself at my wedding in 2009. I was already drunk. You can see my husband behind us if you squint really hard. I love this picture because we were so happy.
This is a photo taken with my iPhone 6 Plus of my best friend Cheryl and myself at a Beatles shindig. We always take a selfie of ourselves when we go to a concert. (I’m on the right.)
This is my husband and our youngest dog Maya. My husband and Maya share an incredible bond, ever since the day we brought her home from Maryland. (Cheryl’s daughter had American Bulldog puppies and we decided on Maya when she was still a wee thing.)
This is my dad, who looks like he’s reading “The Night Before Christmas” to me if I’m not mistaken. My dad passed away in 1986, the day after my 12th birthday, of a heart attack. I still miss him every day.
This is a recent photo of my 20-year-old daughter, my 12-year-old niece and again, if you squint, you can see my husband in the background. The cake is for my daughter. We thought about calling the fire department.

Have a lovely Saturday and remember, if someone wants to take a picture of you, make sure to smile pretty for the camera.