Kids can be mean little turds.

Unless you were born with the coveted popularity trait, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you were overweight or too skinny, not athletic, nerdy, dorky, awkward, introverted, weird or even a little meek, then you were probably teased as a kid.

I was teased from day one, all the way back starting in nursery school. I’ve always been overweight, with just enough extra padding on my body to make me an easy mark.

Oh, the mean kids thought to themselves, I can make her cry with little effort. She’s perfect, fat, not athletic, nerdy, dorky, awkward, introverted, weird and so damned meek, it should be illegal.

If I had a time machine…well, I’d visit every grade and tell my old tormentors to get bent.

Well shit, maybe I need some professional help with this thing.

But since time travel hasn’t been invented yet (maybe they’ll make an app someday) I have no way of finally fighting back now that I am older and not so meek anymore.

I had two boys in high school who took great delight in making fun of everything about me, my name, my body, my hair and my glasses. The real kicker is the fact that these two fucking bastards were friends with one of my cousins, who did nothing to defend me.

He should have spoken up, hey guys, that’s my cousin. Leave her alone, we share the same DNA.

I must have really sucked for my own blood to dislike me so much that he’d stand idly by as his two cronies made me feel 2 foot tall.

Don’t worry, I’ve disowned him just as he did me when I was a teen.

If I had the desire, I could do a whole series about the kids who belittled me during my youth, but I don’t wanna.

That was the past. We’re not supposed to live in the past, are we? There are thousands of memes on the internet to remind us of that.

But the little girl who continues to reside inside my heart still has her head hanging down, with big, fat salty tears running down her cheeks.

Were you ever teased as a kid?

If so, would you travel in a time machine (we’re waiting on you, technology) and tell them to get bent?