I wrote this poem about my daughter when she was still a little bitty thing. I posted it here way back in 2012, but that was a long time ago. I doubt that anyone will remember it.

It’s one of my favorites and I wrote my first poem at the age of 6. (I think it might have been about chocolate milk.)

This is a photo of me holding her when she was a month old. She was 5 weeks premature.

And now she’s 20 years old and in college.


Peaceful slumber holds her fast

Tiny eyelids flutter, dreams of childhood and joy

My darling, my love, my child

Innocence I wish to keep

In a bottle nice and safe

So nothing can ever harm her

Yet I know this is an impossible thing

I hold her delicate body, breathing in her scent

Love so deep I feel for this amazing child

That is a part of me

Yet a lingering fear that someday I know someone will make her cry

And that in a way, how she is at this moment will surely die

So I take her small hand and we walk together in the sunlight

I enjoy her as she is

Innocent and full of wonder

My child