Here’s another rerun of an old post that I wrote a couple of years ago. It’s a list of the things that I love and hate. Nothing much has really changed, but I have tweaked it a little bit.

I’m sort of going through a topic drought right now. What’s the proper term for that? Oh yeah. Writers block.

Topic drought and writers block. What a combo!

I have published a little over 1,800 posts here, if you can believe that. A few handfuls of them are worth re-posting.


Things I Love

1. I love cereal, especially Cap’n Crunch, although the last time that I ate it, I noticed how incredibly sweet it is. I’ll usually eat some cereal at night instead of a bowl of triple brownie chocolate ice cream.

I’m going to wreck the roof of your mouth.

2. The smell of clean laundry, fresh from the dyer.

3. Coffee. It is the best part of waking up. I take 2 teaspoons of sugar and a dash of milk. The milk is a must-have.

4. Juggling, even though I have no natural talent for it.

5. My dogs, Maggie and Maya.

6. The Beatles.

Aw, kid Beatles.

7. Chocolate anything. (Except chocolate with coconut or hazelnuts.)

8. Taking a long, hot shower and not running out of hot water.

9. I absolutely love a good nights sleep. True, I have to drug myself up for it, but one must do what one must do.

10. Pizza with pepperoni and extra cheese. I used to be able to eat like 6 slices in one sitting, hence the reason I have always been on the heavier side. Nowadays, I am lucky if I can eat 3 without feeling ill.


Things I Hate

1. Loud noises such as cars, trucks, motorcycles and children screaming. So basically my entire neighborhood.

2. Bills.

3. The way peanut butter looks when it’s wet and on a knife in the sink.

4. The smell of hazelnut coffee, which smells like burning hazelnuts.

5. The fact that I have depression/anxiety and fibromyalgia. They can all fucking rot in the fiery depths of hell.

6. Obnoxious people. You know what I’m talking about.

7. People who tense up when I try to give them a hug. It makes me feel bad, like do I smell or something?

I swear that I don’t have cooties.

8. Any body hair that isn’t on my head.

9. Like previously mentioned above, the taste of coconut. Gross.

10. Having to take a plethora of pills each day in order to function somewhat properly. I have to take 6 in the morning and 3 at night. I picture all of them fighting in my stomach for dominance over my central nervous system.