Have you ever noticed how two people can go to great lengths just to hurt the other person? Much like a game of tennis really, only the rackets they are holding are full of imaginary thorns.

Yeah, each swing cuts deeper into your palms and hands, the wounds being reopened repeatedly in order to continue with the (hypothetical) bleeding.

Better to hurt someone first rather than the other way around, right?

Or to hurt someone worse than they have hurt you.

It feels good for a few minutes, perhaps for even an hour or two. Cruel to be kind and all of that nonsense.

Eventually, you’ll start to second guess your stormy overreaction and start to feel sorry for having done whatever heartless thing it was that you did. You’ll feel like a real jerk, the biggest asshole in whatever hemisphere it is your world rotates in.

How could you treat someone you love like that? You have to make it right, apologize and beg the victim of your emotionally charged actions to forgive you! You’ll find the perfect song that explains how you’re feeling, because sometimes lyrics do it better.

That’s until they retaliate with something equally pretzel twisty and your ideas for a peaceful reconciliation are dashed beyond hope of repair.

I’d like to declare myself immune to this behavior. I really would. But I can’t. I have even been the person who takes the first temperamental swing and my head hangs in shame for being so easily turned into a harpy.

I’ve been a party to an emotional game of thorny racket tennis and now the ball is in my court.

I’m really too tired to take my turn. Plus, I’m far too saddened by my loss of this person to take the next swing that is rightfully mine.

I’ve always fucking sucked at sports.