I’ve been cigarette/smoke free for 6 months today and I’m down to 3mg of nicotine in my ejuice, which is the lowest that they sell before you try to go to 0mg.

When I went to see my doctor in early May, he was concerned about how low my blood pressure was.

“Low?” I asked him, clearly confused since my BP hasn’t been normal without drugs since after I had my daughter in 1997. I was told that I would have chronic HBP for the rest of my life.

“Yes, especially when you stand up, which could explain why you’ve been extra dizzy lately,” he answered. “I’m going to cut it in half. You may not even need meds at all, we’ll have to wait and see.”

“Is it because I quit smoking?”

“Yes.” Huge smile from the doc and I resisted the urge to give him a high-five, then pump my fist up and down, while screaming “woot.”

Isn’t this kid in college now?
Other positive health related things from quitting the tar sticks include:

I don’t wheeze anymore.

I rarely cough. If I do, it’s just a quick “clean up the lungs from 25 years of ick” sort of coughing.

I can smell and taste things like 1000 times better, which has both negative and positive consequences. (My house smells more like dog now and chocolate is like eating an orgasm.)

I don’t get as winded climbing stairs, so now I can just concentrate on how badly my legs fucking hurt instead. 

It’s easy to stay away from cigarettes, since neither my husband or daughter smoke. It’s more difficult when I am around my ma and a couple of my cousins, because they all still light up.

The smell is both nauseating and seductive, come on Mer, just one, it won’t hurt ya. Especially if I am having a couple of beers or something.

But I have no intention of starting up again. I enjoy trying new flavors of ejuice way too much, making giant clouds of vapor that I can blow anywhere and not piss anyone off.

My husband said that my newest flavor, butterscotch and caramel cake, smells like pancakes with syrup and butter. It does have a breakfast at Denny’s sort of vibe.

And then, of course you have the whole cost factor. If I am being honest with myself and you guys, I was spending close to $250 on smokes per month. I spend less than $30 per month to vape.

If I did the math on how much money I have pissed away on the things for the last 25 years, I think that I would…

They made a movie based on the song?! I know what I’m doing later instead of being productive.
I know what you’re thinking. What does this old country song have to do with me quitting smoking?

Not a damn thing.

Isn’t it great?