My husband started his annual two-week vacation as of yesterday afternoon. He’s the only employee and they shut down the whole works every July. His 6 year anniversary is coming up in August, as a matter of fact. They have been so good to us (a husband and wife) over the years, especially helping us with car breakdowns and just recently, loaning us about $250 so that we could purchase a really nice used car back in May. (We bought a 2005 Chevy Impala with nothing mechanically wrong with it. Amazing.)

For the last 4 years, they’ve given him a nice little bonus.

Last year, we bought a used 55 inch television from some asshole on Craigslist that turned out to be infested with roaches. Some of you may recall what we had to do to finally kill those mother fuckers and save the tv, that I jokingly named Ernesto. In the end, it took two visits from a local extermination place to rid our home of the disgusting bastards.

We’re still a little paranoid when we see a bug in the house. I hope the jerk-off who sold it to us knowing full well that it was infested hit his pinky toe on a coffee table.

We were tossing the idea around of renting a cabin again in Hocking Hills like we did for my birthday back in 2014, but we changed our minds.

We have way too many things we could use that bit of cash for, like you know, going to Mecca (Walmart.)

We needed a new curtain rod and curtains to go with the rod.

We still need a new patio screen door.

We also need new flooring and are in desperate need of a paint job in our living room.

When we bought this place in 2009, we knew that it needed some TLC, but it’s been 5 years now since I’ve been able to work. So keeping the place and our utilities on have been our #1 priority.

This morning, we got up pretty early, drank our coffee and then went out for breakfast.

I need the coffee to do the things…

Afterwards, we went to Mecca and I got a fully charged zippy cart.

We got the curtain rods and curtains. It didn’t take us long to pick out something nice.

I accidentally ran the zippy cart into a display of fidget spinners.

I even bought myself a few things, a new bathing suit, two tank tops, a pair of shorts and a three pack of oversized sport bras because real over the shoulder boulder holders hurt me.

I even got myself a water bottle with owls on it.

I paid 88 cents! I know, big spender…


I’ll be headed to my brother’s house in a little bit for a 4th of July cookout and my nephew’s 9th birthday. It’s nice swimming weather today and I’m planning on having a little bit of wine.

Wish me luck, I’m really overdoing it this weekend. I have an Italian Festival to go to tomorrow and thankfully, my sweetheart of a daughter promised to push me in my transport chair to save my legs from hurting too much.

Not to mention that they are so weak lately, I fell down the stairs (about 5 of them) the other evening.

It was more scary than anything. I’m a bit bruised and extra sore, but I’m okay.

Have a great Saturday! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. (Or at least don’t get caught.)