I don’t really remember much about what happened last night. It’s all a blur.

However, the crime scene was right there in front of me. It didn’t take long before I knew exactly what had occurred between the time frame of midnight and 8:45 am.

My bed had Skittles littered across it. The carnage of the past night was suddenly so obvious to me that I had to turn away for a moment to collect myself.

There were red ones, yellow ones, green, orange and even purple ones.

I was really lucky that I didn’t get one stuck in any body cracks.

One did fall out of my nightgown as I sat down to go pee, though. 

Some of the wayward Skittles were even hidden underneath my pillow. Others had found their way to the carpet, still entirely edible (10 second rule be damned.)

Ah yes, sugar. Delicious, wonderful and binge-worthy sugar.


There’s no denying it anymore. I have a sugar addiction.

It’s not even the weight gain that bothers me so much, everyone knows the old song.



Nope, it’s the fact that I’ve been conveniently “forgetting” that I have diabetes and should be watching my sugar intake, not tossing Skittles blindly into my gob all night long like I’m some little kid after a night of trick or fucking treating.

I’m not looking forward to seeing what my A1C is next month when I see my doc and get my biannual blood work done.

Well, after I finish off those Skittles that got away, I’ll go back to only having sweets once a week again. All is not lost.

Eh, maybe twice a week.