My parents let me watch The Love Boat, especially the episodes when Charro was on, so when I saw this ad for a cologne named after the greatest matchmaker who ever sailed the open seas, Captain Stubing, I had to share it with you guys. 

Because it’s fucking hilarious and really sexist. And this was like less than 40 years ago!



Gavin MacLeod spends his workday pretending to shepherd lonely people to romance…But in real life, Gavin knows exactly what the ladies are looking for — a manly fragrance overloaded with muscular overtones unabashedly male while still undeniably sensitive.

Hormel has captured this fragrance for the first time with Gavin™, the first cologne based on a sea-captain based celebrity.

The Gavin™ fragrance collection is available in Cologne, Eau de Toilette, After Shave and Deodorant. All these products are available as a Gavin™ Gift Set, with the added bonus of our exclusive Sea Captain™ Manicure & Cleanliness Kit. Gavin™ makes a great gift for Father’s Day or Graduation. You can find Gavin™ at your favorite men’s department store’s men’s department.

Women love the saltiness of Gavin™. You will too.

I was a big fan of this show. How my mom got my dad to let me watch it (okay, only sometimes, but enough that I had a crush on Gopher,) I’ll never know. 

Total Heartthrob.

Gavin Macleod tastes like a salty dong. Who knew? 

Do any of you guys remember watching this iconic television show in the 80’s?