Is this thing on?


I forget just how bad fibro fog can get.

All I do is sleep, watch television shows, read a few blogs (thank you for keeping me entertained) and then sleep some more. Instead of the pain being the focal point, like usual, my cognitive function goes out the window and any deep thoughts get lost in the haze.

Purple haze, all in my brain.

See, all I did was go out last Thursday with my friend Cheryl to a nice dinner, then see the movie IT, which was scary awesome. I screamed a few times and shit.

On Saturday, I had a session with my therapist, then later went out to eat with my family for my aunts birthday. I decided to stay over at my brothers for a fire because it was a chilly evening.

Um…that’s my brother.

So, by the time that I woke up on Sunday morning, I could feel that my body and brain were starting to protest because I had the audacity to, you know, LIVE my fucking life.

Let’s count…Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wendesday…that’s four, four lost days, bwahahaha!!!

I aggressively attacked back by allowing myself to nap (a lot) and by limiting my exposure to other humans. I am severely stingy when it comes to my mental energy, even when I’m not having a flare, because I have learned that not all conversations are created equal.

Some suck the life-force out of me instead of replenishing it. I know you guys get it.

But, I woke up this morning and finally, it seems that most of the fog has lifted and I am back to being alert (ish.)

I use that often, “ish.” That just means, sorta, kinda.

I better not overdo it today, though. It’s probably insane that I want to write a bunch of posts, wash a load of laundry, grocery shop, do the tango and a shitload of other iffy things that could send me flying backwards to where I started on Sunday.

No, I’m just going to sit here, be thankful that coffee exists and sigh about 1,000 times.