Oh, Archie!!

One of my favorite shows growing up was “All in the Family.”

Syndication made sure that I became quite familiar with Archie Bunker, his ditzy wife Edith, whiny daughter Gloria and his outspoken son-in-law Michael, aka Meathead.

Perhaps some of you are too young to remember this show, in which case I think that Hulu has it streaming. (Don’t quote me on this.)

If so, go watch it, seriously. It broke shitloads of boundaries back in the 70’s and in a way, it’s like taking a history class.

For those of you who do remember this awesome television show (fellow old farts like me), I took it upon myself to do an 80’s version of the theme song, “Those Were The Days.”

Why, you ask?

Because I was really fucking bored and I can.

So, for your consideration, I bring to you this utter piece of crap for your enjoyment.

Man, the way Bon Jovi played
No such thing as throwing shade
Kids like us we had it made
Those were the days

And we knew who we were then
We played Pac-Man til nine or ten
We could totally use a man
Like Max Headroom again


We crimped our hair with fashion plates
On Friday nights we’d roller skate
Gee, my old Dodge Omni ran great
Those were the days

If you have any ideas percolating, I’d love to see it.