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Happy Birthday Fibromyalgia…?


On October 1st, 2015, fibromyalgia finally was entered into the ICD-10-CM which is the International Classification of Diseases Classification Manual. The ICD-10-CM used by physicians around the world. Fibromyalgia was given its own diagnostic code; M79.9. So in actuality, fibromyalgia became a legitimately recognized disease in October of 2015. Fibromyalgia is only 2 years old. Yet fibromyalgia Awareness has national awareness day, May 12 and a colored ribbon, purple that it shares with other chronic  conditions like;

ADD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s Disease, Crohn’s, Cystic Fibrosis, Domestic Violence Awareness, Elder Abuse Awareness, Lupus, Pancreatic Cancer, Epilepsy, Chronic and Acute Pain, Rett Syndrome, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Thyroid Cancer, and more.

Fibromyalgia seems to be … trending … as of late. It seems someone knows someone who knowsomeone who has it. There are T.V. commercials for fibromyalgia pain medications. There are advertisements for supplements and essential oils promising to reduce symptoms. Many new therapy programs are forming and claim to not only treat fibromyalgia but cure it. People are beginning to come forward stating they have fibromyalgia. What are the pros and cons of this? The pros being awareness and the cons being incorrect information.


Fibromyalgia is real and has been around for many years. It is believed that Florence Nightingale herself had fibromyalgia! Although controversial at first, she was bedridden with fibromyalgia in 1986. The catalyst was said to be an infection she had years earlier.  Morgan Freeman has admitted publicly to having fibromyalgia as has Sinead O’Connor. The point is that even people with well-known public profiles have stepped forward and spoke up that fibromyalgia is something they have been diagnosed with. These public figures are finally feeling they can speak about it. Fibromyalgia awareness is happening before our very eyes. It is about time this invisible illness is brought out of the darkness and into the light.


With the Awareness comes uninformed ideas about what to do with this debilitating syndrome. False information can be fed to very vulnerable, chronically ill individuals. You may believe the claims and spend a lot of money believing that their treatment will be the one that provides you with a “cure”. Fibromyalgia is chronic, there is no current cure. Any program or person claiming otherwise does not really know what fibromyalgia is.  Remember, it is chronic and there is absolutely no cure … yet.

Finally, I encourage you to become your own encyclopedia. Fibromyalgia does not affect people in the same way. Our chemical makeups are different. We may have different catalysts that caused our fibromyalgia; physical trauma, stress, illness, genetics, all leading to different symptoms presenting at different times. There is more than one way to treat fibromyalgia the trick is to find your way. You have to seek out what works for you. This will take time and energy but you can do this! You must.

Remember May is Fibromyalgia Awareness month and the 12th of May is the nationally recognized day of Fibromyalgia Awareness. The more we learn, the more power we will have over this condition. Don’t be afraid to trust the information you gather but always verify it by checking your sources!

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(What is Fibromyalgia Syndrome?)


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Fibromyalgia…?

  1. a frightening disease….

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    • There is fear, a lot, especially at the beginning, but the more knowledge and awareness we find and teach and learn… the less frightening it becomes. It takes time! I’m 20 years in and still learn more and more about this disease almost daily. Thank you for reading my post! ~Kim

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  2. I went to my first chronic pain/Fibro meeting in this town I’ve lived in for 13 yrs. They had a guest speaker, a lady who did ” Emmett technique” a type of massage, can help release your body to move again. this treatment is safe, gentle and non invasive. She said she had had Fibro but with the right therapy,vitamin support and lots of genic studying she beat it….Hmmmmmm… everyone was hanging on to her words, something about Folate in the body.blood stream and the livers unability to process vitamins and stuff causes toxic overload on the blood and causes the body to react by (inflammation). As you can tell I didn’t take notes! lol.. if I find out more i’ll keep you posted! It was very interesting, she is from Austrailia and I had no idea she did this as I found out when she walked into the meeting, I babysat her kids this summer! small world! take care! T.

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    • Very interesting for sure! I still believe there are so many different ‘types’ of Fibro and according to the ‘type’ we have that is what our treatment will end up being. Please do keep up on this, you never know what works for you may work for others. The only caution flag I will raise is the word ‘cure’. I practice pause when I hear that. ‘Remission’ or ‘controlled’ even ‘manageable’ tend to remain acceptable in my mind as far as someone understanding what fibro is, that being a disease. But! Never know!!! ~Kim (inflation is not a cause nor symptom of Fibro, but you may have an accompanying condition that causes inflammation, just an FYI.)

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      • I don’t have Fibro but suffer from Chronic nerve pain, I also have environmental/ food allergies . I’m leery when people say the word “cure” also, as one day I was talking to a lady who also had major sciatic nerve pain from a herniated disc (like me) when another lady bumped in saying she cured her nerve pain with ginger and honey! Ok,sure! lol… I stood behind her and secretly shook my head …. then she said her weakened/shrinking jaw bones grew back! whatever works for you lady! lol.. I couldn’t help but remain sceptical of her claims! lol.. T.

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      • Hahaha! That is the best story I’ve heard in a long time!!! How you didn’t bust out laughing?!?! Sorry to hear of your nerve pain with such varied and I’m sure serious allergies. Bummed. I agree with you wholeheartedly, if she thinks it works for her… wahoo! I’ve had Fibro for 20 years. Oh the things I have tried and the places I have been. I really could write a book and it would be comical! ~Kim

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  3. Excuse me while I go eat a spoonful of ginger and honey,
    I want to grow bones and be cured today! lol…. 🙂

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