As of 6pm last evening, I am now officially single.

My fucking bastard of a husband got caught “swiping” on an app called Tinder. After 10 minutes of trying to lie to me that he was only texting a buddy of his (and after telling me to fuck off, which he’s done before when his back is up against a wall) he finally told me the truth.

But, you know, it’s not a big deal, because he deleted the app.

No. Too fucking late.

Shit, maybe I should join Tinder. Lord knows that I haven’t had sex in an extremely long time, perhaps I’d have some luck!!

That little flame must be there to indicate upcoming orgasms.

It’s like my heart is a Capri Sun juice box and he stabbed one of those flimsy straws into it, then sucked out any love juice that was left. I feel nothing but numb and cold towards him now. I haven’t even cried yet, which I am sure that I will end up doing eventually.

I tried. I really tried, you guys. I at least have that to console myself with. I gave it my best shot to forgive him after finding out about his sex ad and try to fix this. But obviously there is no fixing this marriage.

I need to get my own car as quickly as possible. I just sent my brother a message asking if he’ll keep an eye out for something around $1,500.00 which is all that I have right now.

After 15 years, I’m just done. I can’t let the mother fucker keep hurting me, I just can’t. If I allow it to continue, there’ll be nothing left of me.