Here is the first Toolbox Tuesday installment. I hope to help you build your very own toolbox with items that work for you! ~Kim

I tripped over a Stone.

Here we go! Please click on any items that interest you,  (I fixed the links, we had some issues earlier this AM, thank you WordPress for always being able to help!) You can click and will be brought to the Amazon product site page and you will the item I listed as well as similar items in different colors and sizes! 

(I am affiliated with Amazon; I love their products, I stand by them and their return policy!)

It is important to have what you need when faced with any kind of chronic illness. I’ve often talked about a ‘Fibromyalgia Toolbox’. There are chronically ill ‘Crisis Kits’. I think we all have ‘go-bags’ for medical visits and stays… usually last minute and thrown together.

The goal of Toolbox Tuesday is; you have the items specific to your needs on hand and in a specified place. (This offers comfort and control…

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