Knocked Over By A Feather

But It Didn't Keep Me Down…



Midnight Musings


I’ve noticed that having a few weekly features here on KOBAf makes posting something every day a bit easier. So, last night, while I was staring up at the moon from out of my bedroom window, the idea for Midnight Musings came upon me.

During a fit of lethargy.

I wake up often during the night, usually due to pain, or having to go pee. It’s during these times that I have my deepest thoughts, some serious, some humorous.

I have always loved the nighttime, while everyone else in the house is asleep. It’s so peaceful and dare I say even magical.

I love the darkness. I love how the shadows of the trees look like fingers against the sky. The night sounds, the animals, the smell of the air, always somewhat cooler than the oppressive daytime heat.

I would have been an awesome vampire. Except for that whole blood thing. Moving on.


Is that the neighbor kid kicking down the stairs again? But it’s 2:30am! Wait, maybe it’s the furnace getting ready to blow? Shit.

Nevermind, it’s just the kid.


Okay, should I make the trek downstairs to get a proper drink, or should I just lap up some water from the bathroom faucet?

When was the last time I cleaned this fucking thing?

Is that mold??


Love is all fine and dandy, but what we really need is a do-over feature.


I wonder how one gets into the phone sex operator business. I bet there must be auditions.

Hey baby, whatcha wearing?

Not sexy enough? I’ll keep practicing.


Monkey Wrench

Have you ever taken a thought, or an idea, and played around with it in your mind?

Maybe you move it into the light, inspect it, then put in back into the shadows again. You stretch it, smooth it over, crumple it up. You ponder the if’s and whys, driving yourself positively insane in the process.

You might decide to just ignore it, and go about your business.

You realize that ain’t gonna happen this time.

You try to throw it as far as you can, but like a boomerang, it just comes back to you.

Not done with you yet, it says. Get comfy, grab a chair. Keep on rehashing, keep on picking it apart. I have plenty of time, and am sticking around awhile.

A thought starts out as a weak idea, then it grows strength. Once it becomes an idea, the next question is going to be is it possible? If it is, the idea turns into a feeling. Feelings usually fuel the entire shebang. (At least for me, anyways. Damn it.)

If not, it stalls out like a piece of shit car on a pair of railroad tracks.

I have long wondered why life is so complicated. It seems no matter what, there is always a monkey wrench being thrown at me.

The Swing Set

I had a swing set in my backyard when I was a kid. It wasn’t new; in fact it was quite rickety. It would make creaking sounds when I swung on it, and the cement blocks weighing it down rose up and down eerily.

I think it was held together by rust and my imagination.

I had this game I liked to play. I would pump my legs, until I was swinging so high I was close to doing a human loop-de-loop. Then, I would wait until the perfect downswing. I would let go of the chains and jump as far as I could.

 I nailed the landing every time.

I would put a stick or a rock on the spot, then do it again. Over and over. My stamina never wavered. My legs never lost strength. I was focused on the task at hand, to go as far as my youthful, healthy body could take me. I had no fear of injury or repercussions.

I wanted to touch the sky. I got close a few times, I’m certain.

Eventually, the swing set was taken down. It must have had something to do with the new above ground pool that my parents had saved up for. We set up the 3 foot pool right where my landing zone had been.

Instead of epic moments of being airborne, my brother and I spent entire summers swimming, our skin tanned the hue of chocolate chip cookies by fall.

The patch of dirt made by my endless acrobatics and sneakers became my brothers pitching mound.

I can close my eyes and still picture that swing set.

And occasionally, in my dreams, I am still there, getting ready to make the big jump.

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