Knocked Over By A Feather




Once a Cheater…

As of 6pm last evening, I am now officially single.

My fucking bastard of a husband got caught “swiping” on an app called Tinder. After 10 minutes of trying to lie to me that he was only texting a buddy of his (and after telling me to fuck off, which he’s done before when his back is up against a wall) he finally told me the truth.

But, you know, it’s not a big deal, because he deleted the app.

No. Too fucking late.

Shit, maybe I should join Tinder. Lord knows that I haven’t had sex in an extremely long time, perhaps I’d have some luck!!

That little flame must be there to indicate upcoming orgasms.

It’s like my heart is a Capri Sun juice box and he stabbed one of those flimsy straws into it, then sucked out any love juice that was left. I feel nothing but numb and cold towards him now. I haven’t even cried yet, which I am sure that I will end up doing eventually.

I tried. I really tried, you guys. I at least have that to console myself with. I gave it my best shot to forgive him after finding out about his sex ad and try to fix this. But obviously there is no fixing this marriage.

I need to get my own car as quickly as possible. I just sent my brother a message asking if he’ll keep an eye out for something around $1,500.00 which is all that I have right now.

After 15 years, I’m just done. I can’t let the mother fucker keep hurting me, I just can’t. If I allow it to continue, there’ll be nothing left of me.


One Night


Will your touch set me free
From my myriads of insecurity?

The chance of just one night

Whisper my name in the heated hush
Making me shiver, first, then flush

Together, engaged in intense rotation
Making storms of our own formation
Stare into my eyes, as we become one
Our bodies warmed by a tantamount sun
If only for one night

Bad Sex

Let’s have a little fun.

I’d go with “Phew, that was quick.”


Don’t be afraid to comment, my male friends. It’s just for funsies.

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