Maryland calls it soda.

Ohio calls it pop.

When I called the local pizza place from the hotel, I made sure not to screw it up, but it felt foreign to my tongue. The guy taking the order would have been either annoyed or confused as hell.

“What kind of pop….er, soda do you have?” I asked.

“Pepsi, Sprite, and Diet Pepsi.”

“Okay, I will take a 2 liter of Pepsi, then.”

We got back home on Friday at 6PM. It was easily the quickest road trip I have ever been on, but we made it. Both myself and my dear friend Cheryl were absolutely exhausted yesterday, and we are saving all of our energy to see Ringo this evening. I am already on my 3rd cup of coffee.

Our new puppy Maya made the trip home with flying colors. She slept most of the time, curled up next to my daughter in the back seat. She has already blended seamlessly into our household, and my darling Maggie has taken to her, which is what I had hoped for.


More pictures to come, I promise. I have to go pick out which Beatles T-shirt to wear, so see you all soon.