Being depressed isn’t a character flaw. It’s a real disease of the mind and due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.

It’s not something that can you just snap out of.

No amount of medication can fully cure it. Even when the meds are helping, you still have clinical depression. It follows you about like a dark storm cloud over your head. It can start pouring relentlessly at any moment, even on a bright sunshiny day.

Most people who are depressed will lie through their teeth in order to keep up the act that everything is fine and dandy.

There is nothing worse than wanting to kill yourself. Depression is like an inner demon living inside of us that wants nothing more than to sabotage itself.

Depressed people are not all necessarily morbid, although we do seem to have a penchant for seeing the darker side of things.

If you ever try to blow glittery happy dust up a depressed persons derriere, they will more than likely be telling you off inside their head.

We don’t wake up each morning with the sole purpose of being unhappy. Believe it or not, sometimes trying too hard to be happy can make us even more depressed.

Depressed people can never be “scared straight.” Sadly, I had this happen to me as a young adult and all it did was postpone the inevitable for a short time.

People who are depressed don’t respond well to anger, from anyone. We are not doing this just to be drama queens (or kings.) We are truly suffering and struggling to survive in a world filled with limitless obstacles on a daily basis.

Please don’t preach to us or tell us to stop eating turnips. (Which is fine, by the way.)


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